Tim Hanson and Associates

Professional Land Surveyor

Professional Land Surveyor | Tim Hanson | Seattle Land SurveyorI began my land surveying company, Tim Hanson and Associates, in 1980. It was then, and has remained, a small company. I chose to remain small, not for lack of work, but because I enjoy the work, and wanted to be actively involved in it myself. I have always been directly involved in all aspects of what I produce.

I am the person who does the field work, the land surveying, the office calculations, and produces the final products. This style of operation eliminates communication gaps between the field and office personnel that often occur in larger firms. This leads to an efficiency that helps keep project expenditures down, resulting in lower costs for the client.

I use state of the art, robotic, total station equipment for the field work. All data is collected and transmitted electronically, minimizing the chance for human error.

All office work is done using electronic tools. Drawings and maps are produced using CAD. Electronic files are available to the client or other design professionals, if requested. Sealed and signed paper copies are produced for all completed projects requiring them.

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